Thursday, November 5, 2009

2:5 ...And Found

-I love that we get to see both Sun's and Jin's points of view in the same episode.

-The tail section survivors are a glimpse of what the Island could have been like for the fuselage people: no luggage full of clothes and shoes and medicine, no guns, no airplane food, and no tarps (although I'm still puzzled as to why the fuselage crew got all those tarps anyway. Who packs tarps on a plane?) Even the hatch the Tailies discover sucks compared to the Swan station.

-Sun losing her wedding ring in the sand strikes a chord, because that happened to me. Except mine was in the water and I never found it.

-Jin's friend suggests that he could let a woman take care of him - which is exactly what he does when he goes to work for Sun's father.

-The "Destiny Book" says that Jin will find love and it will look orange. A woman wearing orange causes him to pause and bump into Sun. He also wears an orange rose in his lapel, which he gives to Jae Lee, which Jae Lee gives to Sun. There is orange juice on the table during Sun and Jae's blind date.

-Jin spends so much time and energy overcoming the shame of his low class. Is class still really such an issue in Korea?

-The 360˚ shot of Eko in the jungle is so. Brilliantly. Done.

-The scene where we get our first view of the Others (muddy bare feet only) is chilling every time, even when I know it's coming.

After Season 5:

-When Eko and Jin come across Goodwin's body, Jin asks him if it was the Others who killed him. Eko nods. At the time, I thought it meant that the Others had killed Goodwin. Of course, the truth is that it was actually Ana Lucia who killed him - and Goodwin was an Other.

-Speaking of Goodwin's death - the place where Ben later brings Juliet to see his body looks totally different than the place where we see Ana Lucia kill him.

-Jack tells Sun that he lost his wedding ring, and had a replica made so that Sarah would never know. An early example of his ability to lie?


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