Wednesday, November 4, 2009

2:4 Everybody Hates Hugo

-We start to get an idea for just how rough the tail section survivors had it when Libby says that "there *were* 23 of us."

-Aaron is one big baby. I pity the mother who had to birth that kid without an epidural.

-One of the key characteristics of Hurley's personality highlighted in this episode is that he doesn't like change. Kind of rough for someone who spends any amount of time on the Island.

-Out of all the characters, Hurley is one of the only ones I'd say is really a 100% good guy. With both winning the lottery and being in charge of all the food, he genuinely doesn't want to have something others can't have.

-On a similar note, Ana Lucia is fundamentally unlikeable. The combination of the way her character is written and Michelle Rodriguez's harshness makes it impossible to relate to her or feel sympathy for her when she messes up. She's like Arrogant Jack on steroids.

-I just love Hurley's mom. She's one of those overly-involved, nagging, quirky moms that you know loves her kid to death and would do anything for him.

-Rose saving the Apollo Bar for Bernard always makes me tear up a bit.

-Nikki Stafford points out that when Sun buries the bottle, you see her wedding ring as she's digging the hole, but then when she's covering the hole you see her hand without the ring. Very cool tie-in to the next episode.

Favorite quote:

Ana Lucia: I say jump, you say-
Sawyer: You first.


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