Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Incident 2

I just rewatched the finale and I had a few thoughts.

-I think Jacob's enemy was trapped in the cabin, and that's why he asked Locke for help. The break in the circle of ashes shows that he got out.

-The knife Jacob uses in the beginning looks like the one Richard offered Locke during his childhood test. I'll have to go back and see.

-Jacob physically touches each of the characters in the flashbacks. And in each instance the camera zooms in to highlight the touch. Any ideas why?

-What is up with wrapping nuclear devices in a blanket? Does it really make them safer?

-I really like Jack, but I hate flashbacks with his dad. He always acts like a whiney baby.

-Best quotes:

Sawyer: A man does what he does 'cause he wants something for himself.

Miles: Has it occurred to any of you that your buddy's actually going to cause the thing he's trying to prevent? Perhaps that little nuke IS the Incident. So maybe the best thing to do is nothing. [Pause] I'm glad you all thought this through.

Ben: I'm a Pisces.

The Incident

Due to an unfortunate "incident" in my own house (Penny chewing through the power cord for my MacBook, which was luckily not plugged in at the time) I'm in a race against the clock to write about the season finale of LOST. 54% of my battery left and counting...So here's the condensed version of what I wanted to write.

Amazing parts of this episode:
-Seeing Jacob right at the beginning. I never would have guessed the writers would introduce him that way. In the first shot I thought "Is that Jacob? No, it couldn't be..." but it was. Very cool.
-Vincent is still alive!
-Fining out what happened to Rose and Bernard. They've been MIA this whole season and it was nice that we finally got to see where they were. I thought it was cute that they were "retired."
-The ending. Yes, it's a huge cliffhanger, but one of my favorite things about LOST is the twists that make it next to impossible to figure out what the writers are going to do next. Realizing that Jack and Kate were off the Island at the end of season 3 was one of those moments. This was another one.
-Great casting for kids in the flashbacks. Especially the little girl who played Kate. She could be Evangeline Lilly's little sister. She even sounded like her.
-Seeing Dr. Chang's hand get crushed. Not that I wanted his hand to get crushed, poor guy, but it's something we've all been waiting for ever since seeing the DI videos with his prosthetic hand. And it's another Star Wars reference.
-Finding out what was inside the case Ilana and Bram were carrying around. Creepy.
-The revelation that resurrected Locke isn't really Locke at all. Now the question is, who is this man who was so driven to kill Jacob, and how was he able to appear like Locke?
-Getting the answer to the question "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" I don't speak Latin, but Lostpedia says the answer means "He who will protect/save us all."

Parts that were not so amazing:
-Not seeing Claire. I really wanted some closure on whether or not she's still alive.
-Juliet dying. I like Juliet. But she did get a pretty cool way to go. And it seems like she took everyone else with her.

And that's pretty much it. Everything else I was hoping for happened and much more. This might be my favorite season finale yet - well, maybe my second favorite. I doubt "Through the Looking Glass" could ever be topped.

Questions and speculations:
-After seeing the full shot of the four-toed statue, I think it's supposed to be Sobek, the Egyptian crocodile god. Look at all those teeth.

-Why does Jacob bring people to the Island? What kind of "progress" does he think he's causing?
-Why does Jacob's enemy (that's what the credits call him) want to kill Jacob so much? Which one is the bad guy? Did anyone else notice Jacob was wearing white and the "enemy" was wearing black? Maybe the enemy is Jacob's twin brother à la Genesis. (see the Biblical story of Jacob and Esau.)
-I think the ship Jacob and his enemy saw at the beginning is the Black Rock. And I think Richard is on it.
-Ilana says that Jacob hasn't been in the cabin for a long time, but someone else has been using it. I think it's probably Jacob's enemy that's been using it and scaring us to death every time someone goes inside. So does that mean that Christian Shephard and Claire are on the enemy's side? Or are they another manifestation of the enemy? (Alex too?)
-Along those same lines, when Locke goes into Jacob's cabin he hears what he thinks is Jacob saying "Help me." If it was really Jacob's enemy, does that mean that Locke has been helping him all along when he thought he was helping Jacob?
-Resurrected Locke says that "things will change" once Jacob is dead. What will change?
-What did Jacob mean when he said "They are coming" as he died? Is he talking about the Losties in 1977?
-What is the loophole the enemy found?
-Richard says that Eloise is pregnant when they're moving the bomb, presumably with Daniel. My out-there theory is that Charles Widmore thinks he is the father, but Richard actually is.
-There's some speculation that the bomb didn't actually go off at the end, but it was another timeshift. I don't know. Maybe it was both and the bomb exploding over the pocket of electromagnetism causes the timeshift and the Losties will wake up in 2007.

And now it's time for mourning. No more LOST until 2010.