Tuesday, November 24, 2009

3:13 The Man From Tallahassee, 3:14 Exposé, 3:15 Left Behind, 3:16 One of Us

3:13 The Man From Tallahassee

-We finally find out why Locke was in a wheelchair, and WOW. It was much more dramatic than I ever expected. No wonder Locke has issues; his dad isn't just a con man, he's pure evil. It's even more meaningful after season 5, where we saw that after falling from the building Locke was brought back to life by Jacob.

-I love how Locke is the only one who keeps his cool about Jack seemingly joining the Others. "I'm sure he has a good reason."

-Jack has a Dangerous Minds moment with Kate, sitting backwards on a chair and staring her down. Jack also uses the same greeting as when he was in the shark tank, "They hurt you?"

-It's interesting that Locke is angry with Ben for using so much technology the Island. Ben later says that Jacob doesn't like technology when he bring Locke to the cabin. However, we see in season 5 that Jacob actually does use technology quite a bit - he's weaving on a loom (an ancient form, but tehnology nonetheless) and he flies on airplanes. Maybe it's not Jacob that is anti-technology - maybe it's the man in black? Since he's the one who eventually uses Locke's body, it makes sense that he would be the one Locke is actually communing with on the Island.

-Once again, Ben lies about having been born on the Island. Why is this such an important detail to him?

-It's obvious that Ben has no intention of keeping his promise as Juliet tearfully thanks him for letting her finally go home. So devious.

-The moment when Locke blows up the submarine cements Jack's hatred for him. Talk about burning bridges. After watching this scene it's not so hard to imagine why Jack later puts a gun to Locke's head and pulls the trigger.

-Watching Locke get into his wheelchair for the first time is just excruciating. Terry O'Quinn is such a masterful actor. His nurse's line stands out: "I don't want to hear about what you can't do."

-Still unanswered - how did they get Anthony Cooper to the Island at just the right time? Ben later explains that the Magic Box is a metaphor, but a metaphor for what?

-Ben tells Locke he is "very, very important." Is this true, or is Ben being manipulative?

-When Locke sees his father and says "Dad?" it reminds me of Jack seeing his father and saying the same thing. We've heard "Dad?" several times - from Jack, from Claire (when she sees Christian in the jungle holding Aaron), and from (allegedly) Walt on the computer with Michael.

Best lines:

LOCKE: The man from Tallahassee? What is that? Some kind of code?

BEN: No, John, unfortunately we don't have a code for "There's a man in my closet with a gun to my daughter's head." Although we obviously should.

3:14 Exposé

Here it is: one of the most hated episodes of the entire show. But you know what? I like it. Yes, it adds precisely nothing to the overall story, and yes, Nikki and Paulo are annoying and despicable, but as a self-contained episode it's very well written, and I love the ending. I couldn't pick two nicer people to be buried alive.

-Nikki says "I'm just a guest star, and we all know what happens to guest stars." Shout out to Ana Lucia, Dr. Arzt, Libby, and many others. Not to mention Nikki herself.

-On the plane, you'd think Nikki and Paulo would have been flying first class. Then they would have died in the pilot and we never would have met them. We can only dream.

-I'm ashamed not to have noticed this myself, but I read it on The Lost Forum - at the airport Nikki and Paulo overhear Shannon and Boone arguing and Nikki says "Promise me we'll ever end up like them." They end up EXACTLY like them - dead.

-Dr. Arzt's exclamation that "the pigs are walking!" is a reference to Animal Farm, a passage that explains that the oppressed become like their oppressors.

-Because I am a nerd, I had to look up whether the Medusa spider is a real species. It's not.

-Why did Nikki run toward the beach when she knew she was going to be paralyzed? If she had just hidden in the jungle she would have been fine. So I guess it's a good thing she's not too bright.

Best lines:

HURLEY: That's evidence. You're messing up the crime scene.

SAWYER: Crime scene? There a forensics hatch I don't know about?

3:15 Left Behind

-The title is so apt for Kate, who is constantly being left behind by someone, and it applies to Juliet as well.

-I never noticed before that there is a Mouse Trap game in the rec room where Kate is being held. If she was Locke she'd be playing with it.

-Juliet takes Kate DOWN! Ouch. Kate is pretty tough, but somehow Juliet is able to thoroughly beat her without much effort.

-I love love love the subplot of Hurley scamming Sawyer. For a conman Sawyer sure can be gullible. The idea that someone could get voted out of the group is so ludicrous (maybe Hurley's a survivor fan?) but Sawyer believes him right away.

-The song playing at the bar where Kate and Cassidy have a drink is another great choice: "I'm restless again." But why is Cassidy having a stiff drink? She's pregnant!

-Juliet mirrors Cassidy in this episode - Cassidy was left behind by Sawyer, and Juliet was left behind by her people. The similarities are more meaningful now that we know that Juliet and Sawyer end up together.

-Kate and Juliet mud wrestling reminds me. Listening to a podcast recently I learned about movie mud. Apparently because of liability issues, TV and film crews can't use real mud off the ground to cover actors in - they have to buy fake mud, which is free of germs and stuff. And it's really expensive. Who would have guessed?

-Speaking of that (fake) mud, if I were Juliet or Kate I would have gone back to New Otherton to take a shower. Where are they going to wash on the beach?

-When the Smoke Monster surrounds Kate and Juliet it makes strange flashes of light, almost like a flash on a camera. We've never seen this before, but Locke did describe the Monster to Eko as a bright light, and Eko responded "that is not what I saw." Are we talking about two different entities here? Could it be recording information to bring back to someone else?

Best lines:

SAWYER: [To Aaron] Hey there, little baby ...Aaron.

CLAIRE: Is er, is there anything I can do for you?

SAWYER: No. I just came by to say, your baby's... he's not as wrinkly as he was a couple weeks ago.

3:16 One of Us

-Juliet tells Sayid "If I told you everything I know, you'd kill me." What is she referring to?

-I still don't understand all of the details behind how Claire got sick at just the right time. Was it all planned this way from the time they kidnapped her? I'm not sure I buy it.

-Juliet meets Richard at Herarat Aviation. Herarat is an anagram for Earhart. I hadn't noticed before that they had told her they were going to fly to the secret location, but as we know she gets there on the submarine. Tricky.

-I'm now convinced that Rachel never really had a cancer relapse. I think Ben falsified all the information to convince Juliet that she did to make her more desperate. Ben claims that Jacob promised to heal Rachel, but as we now know, Jacob has never told Ben anything.

-Another point I've brought up before is Claire's apparent illness not lining up with the evidence of what we know about pregnant women on the Island. Women who conceive on the Island are in danger, but Claire was already pregnant when their plane crashed. I think Claire's treatments have more to do with Aaron being unique in some way than with the Island's propensity to kill pregnant women.

-I love it when Juliet calls out Sayid and Sawyer: "Interesting that you two are now the camp's moral police." Oh, snap!

-Before we really knew what side she was on Juliet's questionable status was a fun mystery. On a rewatch though, it makes it kind of difficult to understand some of her choices.

-When Ben asks Juliet if she's all right and she says "I'm fine" you can see in her eyes how much she despises him. Great acting.

Best lines:

JACK: They'll come around. Just give them some time.

JULIET: My people kept Sayid chained to a swing-set for three days, then I dragged Kate into the jungle, handcuffed myself to her and lied about it. How much time do you think they need?


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