Thursday, November 5, 2009

2:7 The Other 48 Days

-Finally, we get to see what happened to the Tailies and why they are so scared all the time. Their experience on the Island is a mirror image of what our families Losties went through, just much, much worse. As it turns out, tarps, food, medicine, and weapons make a big difference.

-48 days; 4 and 8 are the first two of The Numbers.

-Libby is so incredibly nice; she almost balances out Ana Lucia.

-Since I have an irrational fear of heights, Bernard being stuck in that chair up in the tree is pretty much my worst nightmare. I think I would freeze up and die out of sheer terror.

-Is it just me or does Brett Cullen (who plays Goodwin; no relation to vampire Edward) look a lot like Aaron Eckhart?

-Goodwin says "We're not savages," which is a phrase we also hear from Jack, Kate, and Sawyer.

-Poor Nathan - Ana Lucia and Libby are suspicious of him because he was in the jungle going to the bathroom for two hours, and because he was in the lavatory on the plane. They think he's an Other but really the poor guy just has IBS.

-When the Tailies catch the chicken it always makes me think of Lord of the Flies.

-I love the scene where Bernard speaks to Boone on the radio, because we've already heard it from the other side. Brilliantly done.

-Goodwin tells Ana Lucia "Nathan was not a good person" and that's why he wasn't on the list. Which makes me wonder, what is their criteria for deciding who is a "good person"? And how in the world did BEN make it through that screening process?

-A contradiction I noticed - both Cindy and Ana Lucia say that 815 was in the air for 2 hours. We've been told elsewhere that the plane was in the air for 6 hours. Who is right?

-Mr. Eko's 40 days of silence could be a reference to Jesus' 40 day fast.


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