Thursday, November 19, 2009

2: 21 ?, 2:22 Three Minutes, 2:23 Live Together, Die Alone

2:21 ?

-Once again, Eko is the Island's prophet, having crazy dreams. Now that we have a better idea of the forces at work on the Island, I wonder which one is giving him these dreams? Jacob? The man in black?

-Lending credence to the idea that the Island (or some force on it) is giving Eko the dreams: Eko did not know yet that Ana Lucia had been shot, but he saw it in his dream.

-As a priest, Eko says "To receive God's forgiveness you must be penitent." This is significant because later on, a very impenitant Eko will confront the smoke monster and be killed for his unwillingness to admit to his wrongdoings.

-Locke investigates the death of Charlotte Malkin, who apparently came back to life the next day - this foreshadows many other characters who seem to have come back from the dead. Also, Libby appears to be dead, and then suddenly starts breathing and coughing up blood. Death and resurrection are big themes on LOST...even bigger after season 5, where we see Locke die and come back to life twice (once after falling from the building his father pushed him out of, and once after Ben murders him.)

-The tape of Charlotte Malkin's autopsy is absolutely chilling. I don't blame the coroner for never wanting to hear it again.

-Locke dreams that he is Eko, foreshadowing Eko taking Locke's place pushing the button.

-Mr. Malkin says "Everyday I meet people looking for a miracle, desperate to find one. But there are none to be had. Not in this world, anyway." Does he know that miracles happen on the Island?

-What does Locke mean when he says that "Boone was a sacrifice that the Island demanded"? If he is right, what was the payoff for that sacrifice?

-Michael hanging around to watch Libby die is almost worse than the actual act of shooting her. It makes him seem truly sinister and calculating.

-Viewing the Pearl Orientation video is a seminal moment for Locke - he wants to believe so badly, but he feels betrayed and so he completely gives up.

-I am convinced that the true experiment was on the people in the Pearl, not the people in the Swan. Ahh, Dharma Initiative, so crafty.

-It's possible that Ben used the Pearl station to observe the Losties in the Swan hatch.

2:22 Three Minutes

-I feel so bad for Michael. He does some deplorable things, but you can just see the desperation in his eyes. He truly feels that he has no other choice, and he will pay for the ensuing guilt with his life.

-Ms. Klugh is one of the weirdest characters ever. Uber creepy.

-Again, we hear about a "list" and "good people." The four people on Michael's list are Sawyer, Kate, Jack, and Hurley, and as we know, they later let Hurley go. So I'm guessing that particular list was not a "good people" list. More like a "we can use you towards our own selfish purposes" list. Ben is definitely behind this one, not Jacob.

-I LOVE Nikki Stafford's idea that Walt asks Michael about Vincent first because he is able to project himself onto Vincent as he roams around the Island.

Best lines:

JACK: We were caught in a net.

SAWYER: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

JACK: It means we got caught in a net.

SAWYER: Is that what they're calling it these days?

2:23 Live Together, Die Alone

-A Desmond episode! Desmond episodes are my favorites, and here we finally get his back story, including his ill-fated love for Penny. I love every minute of it.

-I love Desmond's line "We're in a bloody snow globe!" A nice nod to all the snow globe theories out there (although I personally hope the whole series won't be explained with one of those.)

-Eko really has become Locke, and he proves it by saying "Do not tell me what I can't do."

-I love Libby's part in Desmond's story, and I will ignore any implications that her generosity implies that she is an Other (sticking my fingers in my ears and singing "LA LA LA!")

-Libby's husband's death explains why she was in Hurley's psych ward.

-The Hurley bird! Talk about random.

-We get our first glimpse of the four-toed statue! At the time it seemed like a passing oddity; little did we know how important it would become in Island mythology.

-If Michael says "He's my son" one more time, I'll blow him up myself.

-Michael still refers to the other Losties as "my friends." Really, Michael??

-Whenever I watch the scenes of Desmond and Kelvin in the hatch it reminds me of my life as a Mormon missionary. There are some big similarities - you spend all your time with one partner, who you did not choose; the work you do is repetitive, every day the same; you have strict rules to follow, and are forbidden to leave a certain area; and you never know if the work you're doing is having any positive effect, and it's only through faith or fear that you keep doing it anyway.

-I love Heroic Jack when he picks Kate up and tries to run away from the ambush. It's such a contrast to what he later becomes, resigned and angry.

-It's such a profound moment when Desmond realizes that pushing the button DID have an effect, and it's so gripping to watch - all season we've been wondering what would happen if they don't push it. This is my personal favorite moment of season 2.

-I love seeing Desmond stand up and sing "Don't Stop Believing" to Locke, it's so inspiring. Oh wait, I might be mixing this episode up with one I saw on "Glee." Sorry.

-At least Locke can admit it when he's spectacularly wrong - you could learn a few things from him, Jack!

-Once again, Ben tells Michael "We're the good guys." And again, we're left wondering - if they're the good guys, what in the world do the bad guys do?

-The big question for me - when Desmond turned the key, did the Island move? And was it that motion that enabled Widmore to find it and send the freighter?

Best lines:

LOCKE: No, it's not real. We're only puppets—puppets on strings. As long as we push it, we'll never be free.


LOCKE: ....I was wrong.

LOCKE: So what did one snowman say to other snowman?

DESMOND: Smells like carrots.


MAN #1: Ms. Widmore?


MAN #1: It's us. I think we found it.


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