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3:1 A Tale of Two Cities, 3:2 The Glass Ballerina, 3:3 Further Instructions, 3:4 Every Man For Himself

3:1 A Tale of Two Cities

The season openers never disappoint! Seeing Juliet burn muffins and host book club reminds me of the season 2 opener with Desmond in the hatch - in both we have no idea what we're watching and where these people are until the camera zooms out. And one short scene introduces so many new questions. How did the Others get to this seemingly blissful suburban existence, where they all wear button-down pastel shirts, go to book club, and repair each other's plumbing? Are they really "the good guys", and if so, how can they do all the vicious and deceptive things they do? If we understood their motivations, would we do the same?

-"Downtown" is such a weird song choice for Juliet, and in a later episode we see her listening to it in her car too. What is she, 60 years old?

-Adam, the snobby book club member, cracks me up when he says that science fiction "is not even literature...there's no metaphor." I can just see the writers snickering as they wrote that line.

-In his flashback, Jack is also listening to music that isn't age appropriate - Glen Miller's "Midnight Serenade,' the same song Hurley and Sayid pick up on the radio.

-It drives me crazy that Sarah won't just tell Jack who she's seeing. Maybe it really is Christian?

-Jack drives me just as crazy with his inability to JUST LET THINGS GO. Although to be fair, that particular quality serves him well at times, his personal life aside.

-Jack running into the glass wall is super hilarious, and reminds me of a bird smacking into a window (à la Walt in Australia and Room 23.)

-Juliet has Jack pegged right away: "I don't think you're stupid, I think you're stubborn."

-Kate asks Tom "Where are Sawyer and Jack?" and she asks Ben "What did you do with Sawyer and Jack?" Very interesting that she asked about Sawyer first, and of course Ben picks up on this.

-I'm pretty sure Ben had Kate wear Alex's dress purely for Sawyer's benefit.

-After all of these scenes with Juliet questioning Jack in the shark tank, I was convinced she was a psychologist. She's very good at getting him to tell her things.

-I had forgotten Ben actually leaves Juliet behind to drown after Jack opens the underwater hatch door. Is this because he is still angry with her about her affair with Goodwin?

-There is no way they'd be able to shut that door with all the water pressure behind it.

-Very funny that Juliet captures Sawyer after his attempt to escape, since they end up together in season 5.

-It's so sweet when Sawyer shares his fish biscuit with Kate, but I always wonder - why is she hungry? Didn't she just have breakfast with Ben?

Best lines:

JULIET: It doesn't matter who we were. It only matters who we are. We know exactly who you are, Jack Shephard.

TOM: Hey, you got yourself a fish biscuit. How'd you do that?

SAWYER: I figured out your complicated gizmos, that's how.

TOM: [exiting] Only took the bears 2 hours.

3:2 The Glass Ballerina

-There is a metronome on Sun's piano. We also see this symbol of timekeeping on Daniel Faraday's piano as he practices as a child.

-Sun looking at herself in the mirror is similar to Juliet looking at herself at the beginning of "A Tale of Two Cities." Mirrors are another big symbol on LOST which I'm going to blog more about soon.

-Sayid says there are tracks on the dock - how do you see tracks on a wooden dock? Was it really dusty?

-When Sun breaks the ballerina it foreshadows the way Jae will die.

-I had forgotten that we didn't know until this episode that Sun really had cheated on Jin.

-It's funny to me that Sawyer and Kate are pretty much whispering to each other - those cages are pretty far apart.

-Juliet is so convincingly calculating when she holds that gun to Kate.

-Ben decides to introduce himself "honestly" - and of course his honest introduction includes a big fat lie: "I've lived on this Island all my life."

-Ben tells Jack that he sent Walt and Michael home, but promises to take him home if he cooperates. Did Ben plan to go along with him?

-Ben gives us the exact date - November 29, 2001, which means the Losties have now been on the Island for 69 days.

-The look on Jack's face when he sees the Red Sox win the World Series is priceless. Matthew Fox is so good.

Best lines:

SAWYER: I noticed something else, too. You taste like strawberries.

KATE: You taste like fish biscuits.

3:3 Further Instructions

-The first shot of Locke's eye, then zooming back to see him lying on the jungle floor is reminiscent of the first shot of season 1.

-Naked Desmond running through the jungle always reminds me of the story of Adam and Eve, but instead of a fig leaf, he gets Hurley's tie-dye shirt.

-Locke's inability to speak mirrors Eko's voluntary vow of silence in season 2.

-Like Eko's dreams, Locke's presents us with the question of who gave it to him? Was it from Jacob, the man in black, or someone/thing else entirely? It is interesting to me that this voice is telling Locke to save Mr. Eko - because at least one other force on the Island (the smoke monster) decides to kill him.

-When Locke is being dragged up the escalator we hear the same sound the smoke monster made as it dragged him into its hole. (Thanks Lostpedia for confirming this!)

-The discussion of whether Locke is a hunter or a farmer has Biblical implications - and guess who it refers to? That's right - Jacob and Esau. Genesis says "Esau became a hunter, a man of the field, but Jacob was a simple man, a dweller in tents." Throughout the Old Testament, hunters are seen in a negative light, so it's interesting that Locke wants so badly to be a hunter.

-The commune leader says he likes Geronimo Jackson. Could he have ties to the DI?

-Ahh, Nikki and Paulo. How I love to hate you both.

Best lines:

CHARLIE (to Locke): So you're gone for a whole day after a massive hatch detonation -- you don't call, you don't write?
DESMOND: The failsafe key must have detonated the electromagnetic anomaly -- made the hatch implode.

HURLEY: You didn't implode.


HURLEY: You're not going to, like, turn into the Hulk, or something

3:4 Every Man for Himself

-I can't help it - I always wonder where Jack is going to the bathroom while he's in the shark tank. They addressed that problem when Ben was being held captive in the hatch, so it's even more noticeable that they didn't address it here. Not a big deal, just one of those TV things.

-Sawyer is reading "Of Mice and Men" in prison, which he will later discuss with Ben. Maybe prison is where he developed his love for books?

-Juliet says "I'm a fertility doctor; I'm not used to death." We know now that this is patently untrue; all of her work on the Island has resulted in death.

-I have a hard time believing NO ONE would have noticed the Hydra island before this point, since it's pretty easy to see from the main Island. Especially since Desmond sailed all the way around, Sayid, Sun and Jin sailed around, etc.

-Is Evangeline Lilly an amazing climber or what? She makes getting out of that cage look easy.

-Ben cons Sawyer by pretending to give him a pacemaker. This reminds me of someone else who had an implant courtesy of Ben - Claire. Was hers real?

-Ben admits to Sawyer that this was all a con to keep him in the cage, but what he doesn't say is that it's all part of a long con - bringing Sawyer and Kate together so that Jack will do the surgery.

-A fun tidbit - the producers have said before that they kept Sawyer, Kate and Jack in cages for the first part of season 3 to symbolize the writers being "caged" - the network would not give them an end date for the show, so they didn't know how long they'd have to keep telling the story. The season 3 finale was made possible by the end date finally being announced.

Best lines:

PAULO: You play golf?

DESMOND: I'm Scottish.

BEN: Your heart's not going to blow up, James. The only thing we put inside you was doubt.


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