Thursday, November 19, 2009

2:17 Lockdown, 2:18 Dave, 2:19 S.O.S., 2:20 Two for the Road

2:17 Lockdown

-Lots of cool stuff in this episode! So much that my notes on it are horribly lacking because I was so engrossed in watching.

-I love the image of Locke being trapped under the blast door, not able to push the button - not because I'm a sadist, but because it's such an apt metaphor for Locke's life. He is incapacitated emotionally by his need for greatness, by his desire for his father's love. Invariably it is that gaping hole in his past that prevents him from making good choices and moving forward.

-We get a nice reference to one of the worst episodes ever - "where did you get your tattoos Jack? No really, please spend another 40 minutes or so telling us!"

-That brief glimpse of the black light map is pure awesomeness. How many of us paused our DVRs/DVDs at that moment?

-Ben is soooo busted! Nice work, Sayid!

2:18 Dave

-I love Hurley episodes. OK, I just love Hurley.

-Another theory debunked! The Island isn't all in Hurley's head. And I'm very glad it's not.

-There are a lot of theories out there about Libby being an Other. I don't really think so - I don't really have any evidence, but I don't want her to be an Other. I'd like for there to be at least ONE nice, simple, good person on this show other than Hurley himself.

-It's hilarious that Ben tells Locke, "No, I'm done lying." Oh Ben, you're just getting started and you know it!

-The scenes with Dave creep me out, but in a good way. Really great casting and writing.

2:19 S.O.S.

-Poor Bernard is so annoying at times, and I really relate to him. Logical with sub par people skills, that's me!

-I love the way Bernard and Rose meet. Their whole story is so sweet.

-Sawyer calls Jack "Dr. Giggles" - tee hee!

-Jack invites Kate to come along for the prisoner exchange. This may be a first. Maybe he's finally learning his lesson that it doesn't matter if she's invited or not, she's going to come along.

-Jack tells Kate: "I only chose you because they don't want you." Smooth Jack, that should help with her rejection issues.

-I love it when Jack and Kate get "caught in a net," and it cracks me up when she reaches into his pants to get his gun.

-The faith healer Bernard takes Rose to is named Isaac of Uluru. In the Bible, Isaac was Jacob's father.

-Rose asks Isaac "How does this work?" It's the same question Claire asked the psychic she saw, who foresaw her arrival on the Island. Did Isaac see the same thing?

2:20 Two for the Road

-I've got to apologize for this one more time - I just can't like Ana Lucia. I tried, I really did. It's not meant to be. Thank goodness there is so much amazing Ben stuff in this episode.

-Ben tells Locke "You're one of the good guys, John." Locke shoots back "One of the good WHAT?!" Excellent question.

-When Ben tells Locke "I was coming for you" I always took it as more manipulation. Now though, I wonder if it's not actually true. Ben had to be aware of who Locke is and his potential for being a leader on the Island, given what we know about Alpert's interactions with him.

-Ben says that the man in charge "is a great man...a brilliant man...but he's not a forgiving man." Is he talking about Jacob? And if so, given that we know that he had never actually spoken to Jacob before, how does he know this?

-Christian decides to call Ana Lucia Sarah, and Ana Lucia calls him Tom. These are both names we've heard before. Maybe Jack wasn't so paranoid after all about his dad moving in on his ex-wife.

-Claire's mom is clearly a different actress the next time we see her.

-If only Ana Lucia actually had killed Ben, how differently things might have turned out!

-That moment where Michael shoots Ana Lucia and Libby is still shocking, even when you know it's coming. I'm still kind of bitter that they had Michael join the Dark Side. I wanted something better for him.


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