Tuesday, November 3, 2009

2:3 Orientation

And...I'm baaaack!

Jumping right back in with my rewatch notes, to "Orientation."

Favorite quotes:
Hurley: Things are finally returning to normal-ness.
Kate [running up to them]: Sayid!
Hurley: Oh crap.

Locke: We're gonna need to watch that again.

-The title refers both to the Dharma video they find, and to the Losties' introduction to the protocols of the Swan hatch via crazy Desmond.

-It always strikes me in Locke flashbacks that he is a completely different person off the Island. I used to think that it was because he was in a wheelchair, but this episode reiterates that paralysis was not the cause of his feelings of powerlessness (although it certainly added to them.)

-Locke's dad is pretty much the worst father ever. He makes Jack's father seem like Santa Claus.

-Mirror images: Helen tried to get Locke to make a leap of faith by letting go of his anger toward his father. Now Locke is trying to get Jack to make a leap of faith by pushing the button.

-We get a glimpse of the book The Third Policeman, which like LOST deals with themes of perception, mind games, alteration of time flow, and even an underground bunker.

-We get to see the first Dharma Orientation video, introducing us to lots of great mythology, including the first we hear of the Dharma Initiative.

After Season 5:

-We now know that Marvin Candle's real name is Pierre Chang. Why he felt the need to use an alias in these videos (Mark Wickmund, Edgar Halliwax) is unclear.

-Dr. Candle mentions an Incident, which he says occurred at the Swan Hatch "not long after the experiments began." However we saw in season 5 that the Incident happened while the Swan was still under construction.

-We know now why Dr. Candle/Chang has a prosthetic hand; his hand was crushed during the Incident.

-Locke convinces Jack to push the button. Very interesting now that we know that Jack was the one who caused the Incident to happen in the first place (by insisting they detonate Jughead) - the reason the button needs to be pushed every 108 minutes.


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