Saturday, November 7, 2009

2:8 Collision

My notes on this episode say "Can I just skip this one?" This Ana Lucia episode was not my favorite, probably because Ana Lucia is not my favorite.

-One positive - Unlike nearly every other character, Ana Lucia actually has a good explanation for her gun skills from all her training as a police officer.

-Negative - Michelle Rodgriguez over-pronounces and overacts in just about every. Single. Scene.

-Ana Lucia first met with her psychologist 4 months ago.

-Ana Lucia's working relationship with her mother strikes me as a parallel of Jack's relationship with his dad. Both want the professional approval of their parents, and both sometimes react in very childish ways to setbacks. Now that I think of it, Ana Lucia and Jack are actually quite similar characters; they're both natural leaders, pessimists, skeptics, driven to achieve their goals, and prone to overreactions. It's interesting that some of those traits make me respect Jack, and the same traits make me hate A.L. Sexist double standard?

-The golf match between Kate and Jack provides some nice light moments to contrast with the darkness of Shannon's death and Ana Lucia's flashbacks. This is something the LOST team is incredibly talented at - keeping a balance of just the right amount of emotional intensity.

-I've wondered before if Danny had feelings for Ana Lucia that went beyond a working relationship as her partner. When we see him question Hurley in season 4, it definitely comes across that way.

-Locke answers the crossword clue "Enkidu's friend" with "Gilgamesh." Gilgamesh was a Sumerian king who ruled around 2700 BC. The Epic of Gilgamesh is a series of stories about his life, and depict him as a godlike man. (And yes, I had to look that up on Wikipedia.) One of the later stories about him was written in Greek:
The King of Babylon determines by oracle that his grandson Gilgamos will kill him, and so he throws him out of a high tower. An eagle breaks his fall, and the infant is found and raised by a gardener.

Sound like Locke's story at all?

-Rose and Bernard are reunited!

Best lines

Sayid: She has no plan. She only has her guilt and a gun. [This could apply equally well to Sayid once he gets off the Island.]

Sayid, to Ana Lucia: What good would it do to kill you when we're both already dead?


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