Tuesday, July 28, 2009

1:23 and 1:24, Exodus I and II

One thing about LOST I know for sure: they make bitchin' season finales. And it's probably not a coincidence that all of the finales have been written by Carlton Cuse and Damon Lideloff, writers/producers extraordinaire.

In "Exodus" we get flashbacks for all of the main characters, showing their final hours before boarding flight 815. On the Island, the Losties prepare for the coming of The Others (having been warned by Rousseau that they're "coming for the boy" (which we think means Aaron but we later learn meant Walt)) and launch the raft.

In no particular order, here are my thoughts:

-Rousseau says the black smoke is a security system to protect the Island. Why does she think that's what it is? And if its purpose is to protect the Island, is that why it brought Arzt back - in other words, did Jack, Kate, etc need to get the hatch open to protect the Island?

-We see the Black Rock for the first time. Very cool scene. I don't think anyone expected it to be a slave ship. I like the symbolism there - are the Losties all slaves to fate? If not fate, what else is holding them in bondage? Still unsolved: how the Black Rock got to be in the middle of the jungle when we saw it sailing towards the Island in "The Incident." Is it similar to how Jack woke up in the jungle after the 815 crash?

-Sawyer telling Jack about meeting his dad in Australia might be my favorite scene of the season. It's so well-written and acted, and it never fails to get an emotional response out of me.

-Arzt blowing up = pure awesomeness. Bless his heart.

-"You have some Arzt on you." Best. Line. Ever.

-It bugs me how Jack tricked Kate about which pack the dynamite was in. Yes, it was to protect her, but he's so patronizing sometimes.

-Now that we've seen Rousseau's flashback, we know that there was no pillar of black smoke predicting the kidnapping of Alex (or if there was, we didn't see it.) Was she lying?

-Enter Ana-Lucia. I've got to admit, she was never one of my favorite characters, and I wasn't too upset when they killed her off. I was more upset about Michael having committed cold-blooded murder than I was about the fact that Ana-Lucia was off the show.

-Pretty ironic that Walt gives Vincent to Shannon, telling her that he will protect her, when it's Vincent that leads Shannon through the jungle to her death.

-Once again Locke brings up his love of games. I think this is an oblique reference to Jacob and his nemesis - the whole plot is one big game being played between two unseen powers.

-It's a great plot twist that the Others were actually going after the raft, not the Losties on the beach. They went to all this effort to get everyone on the beach safe when all they would have had to do was not launch the raft. This parallels the hatch metaphor: a simple solution was available (going in another door) but they were all blind to it.

-Sun speculates that they're all on the Island because they are being punished by fate. Claire asserts that there is no such thing as fate. This is a central theme that still has yet to be answered by the show.

-When Locke comes face to face with the smoke monster he seems afraid and surprised. Does this mean that what he saw earlier in the season was something different?

-Nooooooooooo, a cliffhanger ending! Oh wait, I forgot. I can just get out my season 2 DVDs. Phew!

-My favorite lines:
JACK: I don't believe in destiny.

LOCKE: Yes, you do. You just don't know it yet.

Who would have ever guessed that by the end of season 5 Jack would be the one going on and on about destiny? But that's exactly what happens.


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