Tuesday, July 28, 2009

1:22 Born to Run

I know a lot of people don't like Kate/Kate-centric episodes, but I'm not one of them. I actually find her a very sympathetic character. She gets used by the writers as a way to cause complications (probably too much) but I try not to hold that against her. So that said, here are my thoughts on "Born to Run."

-Is it just me, or does Leslie Arzt (hee hee, Leslie!) remind you of every annoying high school teacher you had? I was having flashbacks to junior year chemistry watching him. Even more annoying is when he later admits that he made up everything he was telling them about monsoon season.

-Once again, Kate tells Jack "I'm going with you." She's not lying in season 5 when she tells him "I have always been with you." This seems to contradict her need to run away from things; on the Island with Jack, she always seems to be running towards them.

-It's cool that we now know that the New Kids on the Block lunchbox they dig up was bought for Kate by Jacob.

-Lostpedia says that the Japanese title for this episode is "Time Capsule" which I like much better. It reinforces my idea that Kate and Tom's time capsule is a reference to the hatch.

-Sayid comments that since there is no handle on the outside of the hatch, it was not meant to be opened from the outside. Locke later speculates that there must be another entrance, and in fact there is, not far away. It's an interesting metaphor: Locke et al struggle so hard to open that hatch when a simple and easy solution is mere feet away.

-How does Walt know about the hatch? Is it part of his "special" abilities? And why doesn't he want Locke to open it?

-Ahh, Sun, showing us the dark side of holistic medicine. I actually like this twist of the plot, since so far we've seen Sun mostly as a victim of Jin's domineering personality. It shows that she has another side where maybe she has more control over things than we think. And well done Kate, for making Sun think it was all for her benefit.


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