Tuesday, July 21, 2009

1:10 Raised by Another

Lots of good stuff in this episode. Little did we know in season 1 how important Claire's baby would out to be in the overall scheme of the show. The twist at the end "He knew! He knew!" still gives me chills.

A few thoughts:
-Is Emilie de Ravin a good screamer or what? Holy shnikeys. No way could I achieve that volume/pitch and still be able to speak the next day.
-We learn later that Richard Malkin (the psychic) was a fraud. Why did he seemingly get it right this time? How did he know that Aaron needed to be raised by Claire?
-When Malkin says "You musn't allow another to raise your baby" did he really mean "An Other"? What does it mean that for the past 3 years he HAS been raised by another, Kate?
-Claire's boyfriend is named Thomas - which is the name Christian Shepard (Claire's dad) uses when he travels to Australia with Ana Lucia.
-How creepy is Ethan?! His name (Ethan Rom) is an anagram for "Other Man."
-In Claire's dream Locke's eyes are two different colors - one black and one white.

I'm excited to find out more about Aaron's significance as the show wraps up. Clearly he's important in ways that aren't quite clear yet. It strikes me that maybe the Island (or Jacob? Jacob's nemesis?) is afraid of him somehow. Remember the dream that Kate had where Claire tells her "Don't you dare bring him back"? If we assume that Claire was an apparition from the Island, someone or something doesn't want Aaron to come back. It might be to protect him, but my guess is that someone is afraid of him.


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