Saturday, July 25, 2009

1:20 Do No Harm

(I'm starting to fast-track episodes since I'm so behind on the rewatch schedule, so bear with me as I change formats a bit. Here come the bullet points!)

-This is the first time a major character dies. I remember being shocked, and then immediately wondering who was next.

-Christian's words "You're just not good at letting go" are once again prophetic, as Jack demonstrates quite aptly in the rest of the episode. It's excruciating to watch him struggle so hard to save Boone, pouring blood out of his own body, when we know that he won't be successful.

-Boone tells Jack "I'm letting you off the hook," the same thing Rose said to him earlier. (I was sure that Sarah had said this to Jack at some point, but I can't find it in the transcripts so my memory must be off.) In later episodes when Sarah and Kate leave Jack, he doesn't do so well with letting go either. Same for how he reacts to leaving the other Losties behind on the Island. He's not a letter-goer.

-I hate, HATE, Sayid and Shannon together. It makes absolutely no sense to me. I think the writers' intentions were to soften Shannon a bit and make her more likable, but for me it just diminished my opinion of Sayid.

-Jack uses Locke's catch-phrase: "Don't tell me what I can't do!" This reinforces that these two characters are mirror images of one another. This is elaborated on more in season 2, "Man of Science, Man of Faith." One trait they have in common though is their tenacity. Neither one gives up easily, even if what they're fighting for is a lost cause.

-Aaron is born just as Boone dies, in a very circle of life kind of way. I love the way Kate acts as a midwife and the joyfulness of Charlie and Jin embracing. I also like the way Claire is not flat on her back the way most TV births are portrayed - that position doesn't make any sense unless you have an epidural (which in my experience is a GREAT reason to be on your back.) Now we know that time-skipping Sawyer was in the jungle watching the whole scene unfold, which is simultaneously kind of sweet and kind of creepy. If I were in Claire's place, I would not like the idea of someone watching me give birth in such a stalkery fashion (although, like for so many other things, I would probably make an exception for Josh Holloway.)


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