Tuesday, January 5, 2010

4:5 The Constant, 4:6 The Other Woman, 4:7 Ji Yeon, 4:8 Meet Kevin Johnson

4:5 The Constant

I know I'm not alone when I say this is one of my all time favorite episodes. I almost wanted to stop watching the show completely after this one because it was so flawless. And even though it contributes a lot to the overall story arc, it's amazing as a self-contained story as well. In season 3's "Flashes Before Your Eyes" Desmond's consciousness travels from his present (on the Island) to his past (in London with Penny.) This time, past Desmond comes to the future, utterly confused and in danger of dying.

-Daniel and Charlotte's memory test makes a lot of sense now - it explains why Daniel doesn't remember meeting Desmond in his past.

-Clean-shaven Desmond is soooooo yummy.

-I missed a lot this first time I watched this episode because it jumps back and forth so quickly and I was so wrapped up in the story. Watching it again I could tell as soon as Penny answered the phone that present-day Desmond is back. It's a subtle change, but very cool.

-Penny and Desmond talking on the phone is the first time ever a scene on TV actually made me cry.

Best lines:
SGT: You were having a dream, were you? And what were you dreaming about, that it took you so sodding long to get to your mark?

DESMOND: I was in a helicopter, sir. And there was a storm, sir. And I don't remember the rest, sir.

SGT: Well, at least it was a bloody military dream.


DANIEL: Hey, hey, hey, c'mon. Maybe we should just, just tell them.

JACK: Tell us what?

CHARLOTTE: Dan, let's not confuse anyone.

JULIET: Well, Daniel, maybe if you talk real slow, we'll be able to follow.

4:6 The Other Woman

Compared to "The Constant" this one was a let-down. I suppose it was inevitable. But I did enjoy getting more insight into Juliet. The title has a double meaning: Juliet was the "other woman" when she had the affair with Goodwin, and she's one of the Others.

-I like the opening scene fake-out where we initially think Juliet is one of the Oceanic Six, but then find out it's actually a flashback to her arrival on the Island.

-Still unanswered: Who does Juliet look "just like"? Ben's mother? Annie? Or Juliet herself, from 1977?

-When Ben shows Juliet Goodwin's body it seems to be in a different location than when Ana Lucia killed him.

-Juliet hears the whispers right before Harper appears in the jungle. I like the idea that the whispers are the sounds of the Others traveling through time and space; that could explain how suddenly Harper appeared. As Juliet enters the Tempest station we hear them again, saying "Juliet."

-The whole subplot of Daniel and Charlotte trying to shut down The Tempest is suspenseful in the moment, but it doesn't make a lot of sense in a larger context. If it was so crucial to shut it down, why didn't they try to do so earlier?

Best lines:

JACK: You people had therapists?

JULIET: It's very stressful being an Other, Jack.


BEN: I always have a plan.

4:7 Ji Yeon

I usually enjoy "gotcha!" moments on LOST, but I felt a bit manipulated by this one. The use of flashbacks and flashforwards in the same episode felt too contrived. But maybe it's just me.

-I've mentioned this before, but I always wonder where these characters are going to the bathroom when they're being held in a room for days at a time. Gross.

-Once again, we get some great navigational instructions from Kate: "Go in a straight line for about a day and a half." Sounds easy!

-Like "Through the Looking Glass", this episode had several clues that Jin's flashes were in the past, not the future. The store clerk tells Jin that it's the Year of the Dragon, which was the year 2000. Jin's cell phone is an older model. And when Sun enters the hospital they recognize her as one of the Oceanic 6, but no one recognizes Jin.

-Kind of a big inconsistency: Bernard says they went with Jack because Locke was a murderer. But what about Jack pulling the trigger against Locke's head? Attempted murder is A-OK? And what about Bernard and Rose not wanting to get rescued?

-I still cringe when Juliet tells Jin that Sun had an affair. Oh NO SHE DIDN'T!

-The birth scene drives me batty, as almost all TV birth scenes do. They couldn't consult a real doctor (or even just ANY woman who has actually given birth) to get it right?

-The scene where Sun and Hurley visit Jin's grave is so heart-wrenching, even when I know that he's alive and OK.

-The man on the boat is Michael! All I can say is: I called it! :D

Best lines:

SUN: Why would Juliet lie about that?

KATE: Force of habit?

4:8 Meet Kevin Johnson

Finally, we get to see what happened to Michael when he left the Island! We waited a long time for this, and it's just as dark as many guessed. You've gotta love it when a character attempts suicide 5 times within 42 minutes.

-Mama Cass' "It's Getting Better" is THE perfect choice for Michael's suicide attempt, because it is the exact opposite of what he is feeling in the moment. Just brilliant.

-I don't know why, but it's hilarious to me the way the captain says "In the meantime, everybody JUST HOLD ON!" Then he says "Johnson!" and I really lose it. My brain is 13 years old.

-Michael's off-Island existence is so depressing and guilt-ridden. But in a way, I'm glad - had he gone skipping off into the sunset it would have been much worse. Michael proves once and for all that if the Island's not done with you, it doesn't matter where you go.

-One thing about Michael hasn't changed : he still loves to say "he's my son!"

-Why on earth did Michael tell Walt what he did? Talk about your all-time bad parenting choices.

-It cracks me up that Tom asks Michael for the time right after he's pawned Jin's watch. HAHA! That Tom has a great sense of irony.

-The game show that's on in Michael's apartment references Kurt Vonnegut, the author of Slaughterhouse-Five. It's one of my favorite books I read in college and deals with a World War II soldier named Billy Pilgrim who becomes "unstuck in time." He experiences past, present and future events in a nonlinear way.

-Who else would love to see the inside of the Black Rock ledger?

-Minkowski is a pretty nice guy when he's not going crazy from time travel sickness.

-The code Michael enters into the bomb is 71776 - July 1776 was the date of the start of the American Revolution.

-Ben says that Widmore is evil because he kills innocent people. Um, hello Ben? What was the Purge? The way Ben manipulates Michael throughout the episode is so despicable.

-Rousseau, noooooooo! I really thought she would miraculously be alive (let's face it, it's happened before on this show) but it was not to be. So sad.

Best lines:

JOHN: Yeah. Miles offered his loyalty in exchange for the money. But as I haven't seen a bank on the island, I didn't think it worth mentioning.

[Miles chuckles]

SAWYER: Somethin' funny?

MILES: Linus will find a way to get it.

SAWYER: And how will he do that?

MILES: He wants to survive. And considering a week ago you had a gun to his head, and tonight he's eating pound cake... I'd say he's a guy who gets what he wants.


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