Wednesday, January 20, 2010

5:7 The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham, 5:8 LaFleur, 5:9 Namaste

5:7 The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

-First clue that resurrected Locke might have something to do with Jacob/Man in Black: he asks Ilana if they have a passenger LIST.

-When Locke eats the mango Ilana gives him it's another reference to Jesus Christ - when he appeared to his disciples after his resurrection he eats with them to prove that he is really alive and not just a spirit.

-This might be the biggest unanswered question of the entire show: Why these particular people? What makes them so necessary to the Island? And is Locke really special, or has he just been manipulated all along?

-And on a related note - why does Locke keep falling for the manipulations of those who tell him he's special?

-Locke's murder scene is so dark and violent. It reminds me very much of the scene where Sawyer kills Anthony Cooper. I recently saw an interview with Quentin Tarantino (who knows a thing or two about filming murder scenes) and he said that in his opinion, strangling is the most violent way possible of killing someone, because it is so hands-on. Based on these scenes, I would have to agree.

-Once again, Locke is set up as a Christ figure in this scene, with Ben kneeling in front of him trying to stop him and Locke with his arms out to the sides.

Best lines:
LOCKE: Why would you help me?

WIDMORE: Because there's a war coming, John. And if you're not back on the Island when that happens, the wrong side is going to win.

5:8 LaFleur

This is such a great character episode. The title (and Sawyer's new assumed name) "LaFleur" is French for "flower" - and in many ways we see Sawyer flourish as head of security for the Dharma Initiative.

-It's hootenanny time! Seriously though, who says that? Even in 1977?

-Another Locke-as-Jesus allusion: Juliet says she thinks he was successful in stopping the time flashes, and Sawyer says "Now we wait for him to come long as it takes."

-Horace's wife is named Amy. I've always wondered if she is the older lady named Amelia we see in the book club in season 3.

-So all you need to get through the sonic fence is EARPLUGS? Super lame.

-Paul's necklace is an ankh, the same Egyptian symbol being held by the four-toed statue. It represents immortality, especially that of the Pharaohs.

-All I can think at the end is NOOOOOOO! Not Kate!!! Although I remain firmly on neutral ground when it comes to the love quadrangle, this episode just about won me over to Juliet's side. Can't Kate and Jack be angsty together and let Juliet and Sawyer be happy?

Best lines:
PHIL: I'm gone ten minutes, and you're having a hootenanny?

5:9 Namaste

Go here to see my original post on this episode. I actually don't have that much to say here that I didn't already say there.

-We hear about lists again - this time for the Dharma inductees - and once again Kate isn't on the list.

-Sawyer tells Phil "We're not savages", a much repeated line on LOST.

-I love the scene where Sawyer sticks to it Jack, mostly because Sawyer is 100% correct. Jack is a reactor.

Best lines:
SAWYER: Easy on the ribs there, Kong.

HURLEY: "Kong." I actually missed that.


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