Sunday, February 7, 2010

We Want Some Freakin' Answers!

This nicely summarizes how a lot of people feel about the final season.

It's pretty obvious at this point that every question will not be answered, but all of us have an idea of which answers are essential for us to be satisfied by the end of the season. At the top of my list would be:

-How did Jacob and the Man in Black/smoke monster first come to the Island?

-Why do Charles Widmore and others want the Island so much?

-What is up with on-Island Claire? Dead, alive, other?

-What is Christian Shephard's history with the Island? Why is his body missing, and why are both his children (and his grandson) so important?

-Who are Desmond's parents?

-How will all the fractured relationships resolve?

-Why were these particular people (Jack, Kate, Sawyer, etc.) supposed to go to the Island in the first place?

-And a brand-new question since the premiere: Will the two timelines resolve?

Your turn! What are the answers you just HAVE to have?


Holly said...

is Christian what is "infecting or claiming" people? He was with Claire when she dissapeared right?

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