Friday, April 24, 2009

When "Special" Doesn't Really Mean "Special"

This week was a LOST recap show (translation: filler the producers came up with in order to time the final 4 episodes in line with April/May sweeps). The teasers called it a "special" LOST, which as we all know means "not nearly as special as a regular episode would have been." Way too optimistic, marketing guys. It reminds me of the way the smaller sized candy bars are called the "Fun Size." As a kid that baffled me. In what possible universe is a miniature sized Kit-Kat more fun than a big one?

I did watch the "special" episode, hoping for a new piece of information or two. It was kind of interesting to see the stories of the Oceanic 6 played out chronologically, rather than in a flashback/flashforward format. But the only new info I got out of it was that Charles Widmore definitely was the one who planted the fake 815 crash site. The episode where Miles speaks to the dead man in the restaurant sort of confirmed this, but there was still some debate on the boards about the fact that he could have been a spy collecting info about someone else to give to Widmore. Looks like that particular theory can be laid to rest.

I've also been catching up on podcasts. One of my favorite recent podcasting moments was on the Lost Community when a man from Arizona named Kimball called in. The name and location made me think he was probably LDS, and his comment made me sure that he was - he explained that even though the Losties in 1977 are unable to change the future, they still have free choice or "agency." He compared it to the fact that God already knows what we are going to do, but that doesn't change the fact that we still use our agency to make those choices. I don't know if I agree with him, but I was tickled to hear an LDS perspective about LOST.

The main reason I like the podcasts is all the listener theories. There are some pretty interesting ones out there. One popular one is that the Incident is going to be caused by Miles getting too close to his baby self (remember the Edgar Halliwax video where he sends the rabbit on a trip through time? He warns that if the rabbit interacts with himself in a different timeline, the effects will be disastrous.) The season finale is called "The Incident" so it's probably safe to say we're going to find out if that theory is right pretty soon.

Lots of people are also theorizing about what group Ilana, Cesar and Bram ("Shadow of the statue" folks) belong to. My first thought was Widmore, but we know now that can't be right because they kidnapped Miles in order to ask him not to work for Widmore. It could be Ben, but I agree with those who think they're part of the newly reconstituted Dharma Initiative. A few clues - the producers release interactive online games in between seasons, and during the most recent hiatus the game was all about DI recruitment. It was a series of tests to determine applicants' abilities in all kinds of academic areas (with a cool twist - they leaked cheats so that it was easy to win at all the games if you used them. But then they revealed at the end that they had tracked who used the cheats, and the people who used them weren't accepted into the top groups because of their lack of integrity. Ben definitely would have failed that part!) Then at Comic Con 2008, this video was shown:

The person behind the video camera seems to be Daniel Farraday. Which leads right into next week's episode, "The Variable." The teaser says that Daniel will come clean about what he knows about the Island. All I can say is - it's about time! I can't wait to find out what he's been hiding, and hopefully to see what he did during those years he spend off the Island. The title is interesting too - I'm no scientist, but isn't a variable usually the opposite of a constant? ("The Constant" was the first time travel related episode on LOST, and probably one of the best episodes of the entire show.) With only 4 episodes left in the season, and 21 episodes total for the rest of the show (!) we should have a lot of answers coming soon.


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