Friday, April 17, 2009

Some Like it Hoth

First things first - Miles really is Pierre Chang's son! I was doing a happy dance because for once I guessed right!

I was touched by the scene where Miles realizes that at some point, his dad did love him. The flashbacks were great and tied in well with the theme of father-son issues. I hope there's more redemption for these two in the future. The big question is, why did Lara and Miles leave the Island? I think it will be because of adult Miles - he'll try to warn his dad about the upcoming Purge (which happens sometime in the 1980s or early 90s) and Dr. Chang will force Lara to leave with Miles. He won't be able to explain to her why, since she wouldn't believe him if he told her, so she'll interpret it as him being a jerk. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it!

I think Miles' ability is connected to his history on the Island. Maybe he's exposed to electromagnetism and it affects his senses, similar to how Desmond was able to see flashes of the future after the Swan station imploded. I hope we find out soon. It might have something to do with the season finale, which is titled "The Incident." Another theory I've read on the message boards is that Pierre Chang will lose his arm during The Incident, since in some of the Dharma videos from the 80s (where he says he's Marvin Candle or Edgar Hallowax) he appears to have a prosthetic arm. When Hurley talked to Miles about Luke Skywalker losing his hand in his lightsaber fight with Darth Vader, that's immediately what I thought of.

A big point that Arianne reminded me of was that this episode pretty much disproves the theory that Sun couldn't travel back to 1977 with the rest of the Losties on flight 316 because she was on the Island then as a baby. Now that we've seen Miles be in close proximity to his young self, that can't be the reason Sun didn't flash back too. So it's still a mystery why she (and Ben, Ilana, Bram, Frank, etc) didn't go back.

The numbers made a comeback in this episode. I love that Hurley saw the workers stamping 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 on the hatch. The numbers on the microwave read 3:16, referencing Flight 316 and John 3:16 (and 16 is one of the numbers from the hatch.) Miles' mother is going to rent an apartment that's $400 a month, which then gets doubled to $800. Little boy Miles finds the dead body in apartment 4, and the key is hidden beneath a white rabbit (Through the Looking Glass reference) with a number 8 on its ear. Naomi offers Miles 1.6 million dollars to join Widmore's crew. And according to Lostpedia, Miles has 15 piercings on his face in the flashback (I admit it - I didn't actually count them.)

The scene with Naomi at the restaurant pretty much confirmed that Charles Widmore was the one behind the staging of the fake 815 crash site, even though Widmore insists it was Ben who staged it. I guess it's possible that the man Miles "questioned" was delivering information about Ben to Widmore, but if I had to make a bet my money would be on Widmore being the mastermind.

My favorite scenes were the dialogue between Hurley and Miles. Their banter was hilarious and reminded me of the exchanges between Hurley and Charlie in past seasons. Hurley: "You're just jealous my power's better!" Having Hurley "write" The Empire Strikes Back was genius (and explains the title of the episode - I was wondering how Star Wars was going to tie in!)

The biggest mystery for me at this point is the phrase "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" Last episode Ilana and Bram asked Frank Lapidus this question and then knocked him out when he couldn't answer. And Bram asks Miles the same question in the van, then tells him he's playing for the wrong team. It has to be code for something, but what? I think Bram and Ilana are part of a new group that is trying to lay claim to the Island - possibly a new incarnation of the Dharma Initiative. They don't seem to be connected to Ben. What do you all think?


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