Monday, January 5, 2009

2:6 Abandoned

-In the interest of full disclosure, I will start off by saying that I am not the biggest Shannon fan. I mostly find her whiny and annoying. This episode does finally provide some explanation for why she acts the way she does, but sadly it doesn't make me like her any more.

-Therefore it won't be a shock when I tell you that I HATE Shannon and Sayid together. Not only does it seem completely out of character for Sayid to fall for someone like Shannon, it cheapens his love for Nadia, who he supposedly has never given up on. I think the writers introduced the Shannon-Sayid connection purely as a way to cause drama when the tail section survivors and the fuselage survivors collide - with Boone gone, there was no one else to be devastated by her death. When Sayid says "I have someone to protect" it makes me gag.

-Also super annoying in this episode is Charlie patronizing Claire. I could relate to Claire's lament, "Everyone knows more about my baby than me." I think most new moms have felt that way.

-I love seeing Locke call Charlie on his hypocrisy. "That's an interesting thing to say, for a heroin addict."

After season 5:

-Knowing how Charlie's story ends up makes me able to forgive him for being so annoying in this episode.

-When Sayid says "I know what it is to lose someone you care deeply about" he really isn't kidding. Shannon, Elsa, Nadia...falling in love with Sayid is pretty much a death sentence.

-One of the big questions that still hasn't been answered - what are the whispers? We hear lots of them this episode: Before Cindy disappears, when Walt appears, and before the two groups collide, resulting in Shannon's death.

Favorite lines:

Locke: Babies like the feeling of being constricted. It's not until we are older that we develop the desire to be free.


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