Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The LOST Diet

I just came up with the best idea ever - a new diet for Lost fans who want to lose weight in between seasons. I call it "The Lost Diet." It's pretty simple.

1) Eat only things they eat on the show (pre-Dharma Initiative drops and supplies from the hatch. Apollo Bars are a no-no!) Appropriate menu items include mangoes, papayas, plantains, passionfruit, guava, coconut, fish, mussels, sea urchins, and wild boar. In Season Two they also ate a chicken, but it was split between about 20 people, so interpret that as you like. Alcohol is allowed if you can sneak it out of Sawyer's stash, or if it's involved in a game of "I Never".

2) Run for about half of every day through jungle and mountainous terrain while you are pursued by a mysterious monster made of black smoke and/or The Others. Also go on frequent hikes to find sources of water, boost a radio signal, retrieve dynamite, etc.

3) Carry firewood and/or water whenever you're not running or hiking. Be aware though that the characters who are always carrying things in the background are usually the first to get killed off.

Results are guaranteed. Unless you're Hurley.


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