Monday, May 10, 2010

6:14 The Candidate

I waited to blog about this one until I could stop crying. Big mistake. It took way too long. Also, my son Sawyer's birthday was last week, so that kept me busy for a few days. Better late than never, so here we go!

Flashsideways Connections

-Jack tells post-surgery Locke "you're a candidate" - which was true on the Island as well.

-Jack offers Claire an Apollo bar from the same hospital vending machine where Jacob offered one to Jack. The signs really are pointing towards Jack being the new Jacob.

-The mirror moment was between Claire and Jack as they looked at the music box she inherited from Christian. The box reminded me of Rousseau's music box in season 1, and the song "Catch a Falling Star" is the song Claire remembered her father singing to her when she was little.

-In the original timeline Locke was healed after a plane crash; in the sideways, he was paralyzed after one.

-Locke doesn't want to be healed because he felt guilty about causing his father's injuries. I wonder if we'll ever find out the rest of the story on Anthony Cooper. We know that Sawyer's mother was conned and his father killed her and himself, just like in the original timeline. But at some point, Anthony Cooper must have changed and become the man Locke says he loves more than life itself.

-Locke talks in his sleep and says "Push the button" (recalling his faith in the button during season 2) and "I wish you had believed me" (what he writes to Jack in his suicide note in season 5). It seems that Desmond did his job in helping him to see "through the looking glass." Funny that for Hurley, a picnic with Libby did it, but Locke had to be run down by a car. Different strokes I guess.


-It's official - many of the main characters aren't going to make it to the end alive. I think we all expected that, but I was still shocked that 3 (4 if you include Lapidus) were wiped out in one fell swoop.

-Smokey is a liar liar with his pants on fire. Not much of a shock, but it is becoming clearer that despite all the misdirection to the contrary, there really is a good side and a bad side. 

-The four characters who survived the sub sinking - Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sawyer - are the same ones who were on the list Michael was given by Ms. Klugh back in season 2. They have been important to the Island for a very long time.

-Jack speculates that the Man in Black can't kill the candidates directly, but he can construe situations where they are likely to kill each other. I don't know if he's right, but it makes a lot of sense to me. If he's right, then Sawyer is responsible for Sayid, Jin and Sun's death. If he's wrong, the bomb would have gone off even if Sawyer hadn't pulled those wires.


-Sayid tells Jack "It's going to be you." How does he know this? And is he right?

-What happened to Sayid at the well with Desmond? Because from that point on, he seems to be himself again. Was it simply the fact that he refused to do what the smoke monster told him to?

-We keep hearing it reiterated that Kate is not a candidate, that her name has been crossed out, and thus she is expendable. So why does she keep surviving all these harrowing situations? It can't be an accident that she is still alive. (I was worried for a minute when she got shot, but when I realized it was in her shoulder I relaxed. People always survive shoulder injuries on Lost.)

-What is the smoke monster's ultimate goal? He keeps saying he wants to go "home" - but where is that? And what does that entail? I love Ryan McGee's theory that "home" might actually be another location on the Island. 

Moments of Pure Awesomeness

-I loved loved LOVED the conversation between Jack and Locke where Jack is trying to convince him to let go. Flashsideways Jack is so much more self-aware than we've seen him be in the past. It's like something in the sideways world is allowing the characters to grow and develop in ways they were unable to before - they're "unstuck" somehow.

-Jin and Sun's final scene was so well done (I have just one minor quibble with it below). I agree with the complaints that it was a bit too Titanic - but hey, I liked Titanic! The scene that really started the waterworks for me was on the beach when Hurley, Kate and Jack break down. Just heart-wrenching.

Not So Awesome

-When Kate was trying to reach those keys through the cage bars, how come Sawyer didn't try to get them? His arms are much longer.

-During Sun and Jin's big moment they were speaking English to each other, even though they were the only ones there, which makes no sense at all. I can see wanting to avoid subtitles in such an emotionally charged scene, but it was just so obviously not true to life - in an emotionally charged moment you'd be much more likely to speak in your native tongue. Not a big deal, but it took me out of the moment.

We only have 3 episodes left! What are your thoughts about the direction things are taking? Any predictions you'd like to share? The next episode (tomorrow!) looks like it's going to reveal a lot of Island mythology - I can't wait!


Holly said...

There isn't much you havn't said for me.

I started crying, when I sat there watching Jin give up his life for his wife. He loved her so much that he wouldn't let her die alone. I mean could you imagine your husband leaving you in a situation like that? Their love was amazing, and I was so heartbroken to watch that scene. English or Korean didn't even matter to me ( I didn't even notice)

Listening to Hurley start crying on the beach was seriously heartwrenching. No doubt about it.

Sadly, I was hoping Kate was going to die, she drives me nuts sometimes!

It was odd to me that Sayid seemed like himself again. I wonder if it's a plan of happiness type thing. Satan vs Christ with the whole free agency bit. We are all happier when we can chose for ourselves. And perhaps Desmond made him see something from the other timeline??

I honestly think it's weird that all of a sudden all the "others" ran away into the jungle and the only people who are left are the main characters. That in itself doesn't seem true to life at all.

Question: If the Lock monster can't get to the other island because of water, why did nothing happen to him when Jack pushed him in?

After hearing Sayid say " Because it's going to be you Jack" I just got this image of
Jack and Locke sitting on the beach and Locke saying " Do you know how badly I want to kill you?" lol

When Jacob says " It only ends once, anything else is just progress" Maybe this time it will actually end, and the lockmonster will have been defeated.

I was blown away by this episode. I honestly sat in silence for a good 10 min afterwards just trying to gather my thoughts. It is coming to an end, and I am so sad, that episode just made it feel very real.

I am hoping we get more insight on how Jacob and the MIB came to be on the island.

OK, this is really long.....sorry!!!

Erin said...

Loved it! I kept it together until Hurley started crying on the beach.

I have faith that Lapidus is alive! We didn't see him go down with the ship...and unless we see it happen anything is possible on LOST.

Looking forward to Desmond being found, and what his role will be (there's no way Sayid shot him!). Does Flocke want him dead or will he try to use Des to his advantage. What did Widemore want with Des? It was never revealed what his plan was for Des.

Wish I knew what Eloise knew...and how she knew it! Looking forward to tomorrow's episode!

Victoria Griffith said...

I also was bugged that Sun and Jin were speaking English in their last moments together. But my roommate, Natalie, told me she thought it was good because it was symbolic of how far they have come as a couple...Jin was furious when he found out Sun spoke they both speak it fluently. What do you think?

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