Tuesday, April 6, 2010

6:10 The Package

Thanks to my son Sawyer being home for spring break last week and then Easter over the weekend, I'm beyond behind. Hopefully you guys can still remember what happened in this episode - I definitely relied on my notes for this one.

This episode made me a little cranky. Like a lot of other fans, I feel the clock ticking towards the final episode - there is so little time left, so every minute seems more important. When it seems like the writers might be spinning their wheels, it can be frustrating. I think part of the issue for me is that we don't know what the flashsideways are all about, so it's difficult to get invested in those stories when we have no idea how they tie in to the stories we've seen thus far, or even how real they are. 

I listened to an interview with Damon Lindelof on the Jay and Jack Podcast last week, and he said that whenever the characters have to exercise faith, it's a nod to us as viewers, who need to have faith in the writers that they're not just jerking us around. Whenever someone on the Island says "I want some freaking answers!" it's because they know that's how the viewers feel. So I'm going to try to have faith that they know what they're doing, and there's going to be a payoff in the end.

Flashsideways Connections

-Sun losing her ability to speak English mirrors her inability to speak English in her flashsideways. Is this just a storytelling device, or is there actually cause and effect taking place between the two timelines?

-Like everyone else in the sideways, Sun has a mirror moment where she looks at her reflection and seems to notice that something isn't quite right. The fact that we saw her look in a mirror and not Jin suggests to me that she might be the candidate.

-Jin telling Sun not to button her top is a mirror image to season 1, when he was always telling her to cover up. This was such a cute scene.

-It's interesting that Sun and Jin's relationship is better in the sideways, even though their circumstances are worse (with Mr. Paik hiring a hitman to kill him and all.) 

-We probably won't get an answer to this, but I wonder why Jin was working for Mr. Paik in this timeline - in the original one he took the job so Paik would let him marry Sun.

-Keamy is still alive after Sayid's attack, just like he was after Sayid knifed him on the Island. This time Jin finished the job, while on the Island it was Ben.

-Mikhail loses the same eye that was missing when we first met him on the Island.

-In their sideways, Jin and Sun are running away from Mr. Paik, while on the Island they are both running from Man in Locke.

-Sun tells Jin she's pregnant after she gets shot. Who else thinks her doctor at the hospital will be Juliet Burke?


-The smoke monster can't fly over water, even between the two Islands, which is interesting considering that in the sideways the whole Island is underwater.

-Ilana says Jacob has never lied to her before. If that's true, he's the only honest person on the Island.

-Man in Locke: "I'm three people shy of getting off this Island." This is a biggie - he needs the candidates to leave the Island. It explains why he's not simply killing them off, and also explains why he looked so upset when he thought everyone in his camp was dead. He needs them alive.

-The words that appeared on the screen in Room 23 were:
"Think About Your Life"
"We Are The Causes Of Our Own Suffering"
"Everything Changes"


-What's inside Man in Locke's backpack? Is it something important or is he just carrying it because that's what Locke always did?

-Keamy refers to Mikhail (the Russian translator) as "Danny's friend." Daniel Faraday? Or Danny Pickett (one of the Others)?

-Who is the "wise man" Man in Locke refers to who said war would come to the Island? Man in Black?

-Is Widmore correct that if MIB got off the Island, "everyone we know and love would simply cease to be"?

Moments of Pure Awesomeness 

-Sawyer bringing Kate pretend cocoa reminded me of Charlie bringing Claire pretend peanut butter. Who would have guessed that Charlie would end up dead and Claire would be a crazy feral woman with a squirrel baby? We were so innocent back then.

-It's so cool to see Jack as a true believer. He has the kind of confidence Locke had in season 1.

-The scene where Jin sees photos of his daughter for the first time was so well done. The room got pretty dusty in my house. But the thing that puts a slight damper on the sweetness of this scene is that it takes place in Room 23; Widmore is clearly pushing Jin's emotional buttons to use him for his own purposes.

-Ben: For the fourth time, I was gathering mangoes and she was already unconscious when I found her! Why won't you believe me?
Ilana: Because you're speaking.

-Mirror image: MIL holds out his hand to Sun and she runs away; Jack offers his hand and she takes it. Sun and Jin chose the same side independently of each other.

-Sayid swimming to the other Island = creepiest thing ever.

-DESMOND! I can't wait to see how he ended up being "the package" (although I did see it coming.)

Not So Awesome

-STILL no reunion for Sun and Jin! Now I'm wondering if it's going to happen at all.

-I was not a fan of the whole tomato thing. Where did Sun get tomato seeds for her garden? And the "stubborn tomato" line from Jack was SO cheesy.

-I actually laughed when Sun ran away from Man in Locke - straight into the only tree in sight. Really?! She's too stupid to avoid a TREE?!

-I get a bit frustrated sometimes with LOST's treatment of its female characters. Compare them to the male characters and their story lines are pretty pathetic. Sun's ONLY motivation is to find her husband - and it's been this way for two whole seasons. And now, she literally doesn't have a voice. BOO.


Craig said...

My favorite moment was Sawyer saying to MIL, "No!'Cause That'd Be Ridiculous!"

While I see what you're saying about Sun, I think she has been consistently the strongest female character in both time lines, not counting the flash sideways. She she went from a demure woman who was seen and not heard to a using a hostile takeover to drive her father out of business. Given the trauma of apparently seeing her husband blow up and the fact that the island likes to play tricks on people, I can understand her desperation to see Jin.

They still haven't shown the scene we saw being filmed in which Ilana was kicking a gun from someone's hand. I'm pretty sure it was one of Widmore's people.

Holly said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Hurley is the ONLY other honest person on the island... isn't he? I don't recall him doing anything deceitful, or malicious. He has always been a voice of hope for everyone, I think.. Always trying to help make things better. Not that this has anything to do with this episode. ( sidebar..)

When Sun ran into the blatent tree, why didnt MIB take her?? What? all of a sudden he just can't see her anymore, or loses interest? confused!

Chelsea said...

Craig, I keep waiting for that scene with Ilana! So cool that you got to see it being filmed, I'm so jealous. And I see your point about Sun, it just seems like she's been so underused this season. And I'm a bitter feminist so I tend to see injustice everywhere. :D

Holly, Good point about Hurley, other than hoarding the food (pretty minor compared to what most other characters have done) he's very honest. In many ways he is the heart and soul of the show. Love Hurley.

Maybe MIB didn't take Sun because it has to be her choice to go with him? But then why chase her?

Faerie Made said...

i think hurley is the chosen one.

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