Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Incident 2

I just rewatched the finale and I had a few thoughts.

-I think Jacob's enemy was trapped in the cabin, and that's why he asked Locke for help. The break in the circle of ashes shows that he got out.

-The knife Jacob uses in the beginning looks like the one Richard offered Locke during his childhood test. I'll have to go back and see.

-Jacob physically touches each of the characters in the flashbacks. And in each instance the camera zooms in to highlight the touch. Any ideas why?

-What is up with wrapping nuclear devices in a blanket? Does it really make them safer?

-I really like Jack, but I hate flashbacks with his dad. He always acts like a whiney baby.

-Best quotes:

Sawyer: A man does what he does 'cause he wants something for himself.

Miles: Has it occurred to any of you that your buddy's actually going to cause the thing he's trying to prevent? Perhaps that little nuke IS the Incident. So maybe the best thing to do is nothing. [Pause] I'm glad you all thought this through.

Ben: I'm a Pisces.


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