Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I'm not doing a great job at keeping up with Lost posts this season. But I have a few hours until the new episode tonight, so I might as well do last week's post now!

I was excited that my prediction (OK, my random guess based on timing and his accent) about the young soldier being Charles Widmore was right! My next out-there prediction is that Ellie is actually the young version of Ms. Hawking. The timing fits - in 1954 Ellie appears about 20 years old, and in the present day Ms. Hawking looks to be in her 70s. Their accents are similar. And the clincher: the enhanced episode of "The Lie" stated that Ms. Hawking's first name is Eloise (also the name of Daniel's experimental rat in "The Constant.") Daniel tells Ellie, "You look just like her." I think he knows Ms. Hawking (maybe as his mother, maybe through his studies and associations with the future Charles Widmore) and sees the resemblance.

We learn that Charles Widmore, Ellie, and the rest of their companions are Others/Hostiles (and apparently all Others have to learn Latin) and that they have had some sort of interaction with the US military on the Island. Their uniforms and weapons fit the standard issue of the time - they probably took them from the dead soldiers Miles sensed when they walked over their graves. The soldiers were likely there to test the hydrogen bomb they called Jughead; this type of testing was common post WW2 on uninhabited islands in the South Pacific. The obvious question here is how did the US military locate the Island at all if it's so hard to find? Maybe the "cloaking" of the Island is something that occurs after 1954, like experimentation by the Dharma Initiative?

Daniel Faraday continues to be something of a mystery. I find him to be such a likable character, but it's clear that there is a lot he isn't sharing with anyone - about the Island, time travel, and the consequences for everyone involved. I'm excited to see what we'll learn from him in the future.

Speaking of time travel, I love that we're learning more about the Locke/Richard connection. Locke tells Richard Alpert he will be born in 1956 in Tustin, California, and invites him to come visit him. We saw this happen in "Cabin Fever" when Alpert shows up at the hospital when Locke is born and later visits him as a child.

That might also explain how Horace Goodspeed knew where to be when Ben was born, since Ben is also a time traveler. It's too bad he couldn't save his mother - although it makes sense given what we've been told about the rules of time travel.

This episode introduced a lot of names we've heard before. Desmond and Penny name their son Charlie - after either Charles Widmore or Charlie Pace. Since Charlie died in helping them find each other, I would vote for him over Widmore. The woman Desmond finds in an apparent time travel coma is named Theresa Spencer. Back in season one Locke has a dream about Boone being covered in blood and saying "Theresa goes up the stairs, Theresa goes down the stairs." Boone tells Locke it was the name of his nanny who died falling down a flight of stairs. It could also refer to this Theresa being caught between times and constantly going back and forth. Ana Lucia's mother was also named Teresa.

I think I've mentioned J. Wood's Lost blog before, but if you haven't read it, go check out his writeup on this episode. He makes an amazing connection about the possible origins of the smoke monster and Thomas More's Utopia.

Tonight's episode is called "The Little Prince" and looks like it will focus on Kate and Aaron. Make sure you watch the re-airing of "Jughead" beforehand - even though it's a repeat they've been revealing some pretty interesting clues during those enhanced episodes.


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