Friday, May 16, 2008

4:12 There's No Place Like Home, Part 1

This week I took notes. Here are my reactions to last night's LOST, scene by scene. It centered on flashforwards (or flashbacks, depending on which story line you consider present time) for all of the Oceanic Six. Stop reading now if you haven't watched it yet!

-I didn't think we'd see the arrival home of the Oceanic Six until the very end. Very cool. The Oceanic rep is Michelle Forbes (from Prison Break, 24, and Battlestar Gallactica - or so Eric tells me).

-Jack: "We all know the story." I wonder who told them what "the story" was? No one's there to greet Kate. So sad. No wonder she becomes so devoted to Aaron, she has no one else.

-"Don't bleed to death Jack." I really like Juliet. I hope they don't kill her off.

-How does Daniel know about the Second Protocol and The Orchid?

-Oh my. Sawyer looks mighty fetching with a baby in his arms. But how is that baby not starving by now? Did Claire get out her Medela and pump 12 ounces into a coconut shell before walking off into the jungle?

-Ha! He called it "New Otherton"! That's a long standing inside joke between the writers, so funny. "You don't get to die alone." I like Responsible Sawyer.

-So Kate is actually claiming that she gave birth to Aaron! Wow. She and Jack are both way too good at lying. They are saying Jin died on the plane and not on the Island. I wonder who they will say *did* die on the Island?

-I kind of hate that we know Nadia is going to be murdered soon. Stupid flashforwards. Poor Sayid.

-EW! 15 year old crackers!

-I can't figure out how only the Six are going to be rescued. So far they're still in three separate groups - Sun and Aaron on the freighter, Kate, Sayid and Jack in the jungle, and Hurley with Ben and Locke. It will be very interesting to see how they all get together for the rescue.

-Sun takes over her evil father's company. Go Sun!

-Hurley hears whispers! ...and it's a surprise party. A luau?! Nice. It's so weird to see Kate, Sayid and Hurley hanging out at a backyard barbecue. Hurley's keychain is a rabbit foot just like the pilot's in the beginning. Oh no, the numbers! I would run too!

-Hurley gets the best question of the night: If they move the Island, won't the bad guys just be moved along with it?

-Locke to Ben: "When are you ever entirely truthful?" Another excellent question.

-It's Claire's mom!!! Holy crap, that gave me chills. I never thought that's how Jack would find out that Claire is his sister. So he did know in the flashforward when he yells at Kate "You're not even related to him!"

-I really think Claire is still alive on the Island. It's so much more dramatic if she's still there and Kate is raising Aaron as her own. It gives them a huge reason to have to go back.

-A less than joyous reunion between Sun, Jin and Michael. Too bad he can't give the watch back.

-Whoa, the freighter's loaded down with C4. Is that what Keamy's device is set to detonate? I'm willing to put money down that we'll see the Kahana explode next episode. It just wouldn't be a season finale without stuff blowing up! (Past season finales exploded the door of the Swan hatch, the inside of the Swan hatch, and lots of Others)

-Gah!!! Richard Alpert! Dressed in Other clothes!?

-Ben always has a plan.

What did everyone think of this episode? I liked that all of the Six got a bit of the spotlight. Although this was kind of a bridge episode, it seems like they're gearing up for a big one next time so I'm excited. Let me know your theories about how the rescue will happen - and who is in that coffin!


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